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Beat the Ban with Drip Irrigation Systems

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Due to the hosepipe ban that took effect on the 5th April across the South East and other areas of England, you could already be left thinking that you will have to bid farewell to your blooming spring and possibly summer garden, as you cannot give your plants and lawn the regular water they need. However, we at Royce Turf & Irrigation have a way to beat the ban, work your way around it and keep your lawn and plants in good health – and that is with our drip irrigation systems Surrey.

Stocked and ready to order today, these drip irrigations systems don’t fall under the hosepipe ban and present the economic and above all, legal way to keep your garden at its best throughout the year – making them a must have item for any gardener in a drought, hosepipe ban-stricken area as it has been reported that the ban could likely last well into the Autumn, unless we (as Richard Aylard the director of Thames Water put it) “have an unusually wet year”.

Using a drip pipe is an efficient system of watering your borders, much better than other garden equipment such as hosepipes, this is because they slowly drip the water into the root areas, therefore you don’t get any runoff and evaporation is minimised. Furthermore, the drip can be timed so that you will have the re-assurance that even overnight your borders will be sufficiently watered.

We recommend that drip systems be installed on new lawns rather than existing, as this can be rather difficult to do so, but our team will be on hand to offer you advice on your individual situation. Once it has been installed you mulch your borders as this will help prevent the presence of weeds and will eliminate the risk of water being evaporated from the surface of the soil.

The drip irrigation systems Surrey we supply are available in 25, 50 and 100 metre lengths and can be catered to work however you wish them to, making use of aspects such as a timer to distribute the water at a time which is most effective. We are happy to help and like you, take pride in our gardens and turf, so simply contact us today for more information and to order the system that will help you beat the ban.

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