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Five Fantastic To Keep Your Garden Looking Great This Summer

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A well cared-for garden is a source of pride and pleasure. However, keeping the garden looking its best requires some effort. The summer months are the ideal time of the year to revamp a garden. Summer days are longer and warmer, and any efforts you put into your garden will soon pay off. In this article you will find-five top tips to keep your garden looking great this summer:

1. Irrigation

Although the summer temperatures in the UK are not excessively high, the increased heat and dryness can affect the health of the plants in your garden. Direct sunlight can dry the soil very quickly and starve the plants, constant winds can have the same effect. Although it is usually recommended to water a garden with one inch of water per week, individual circumstances vary. Over-watering can be just as detrimental as under-watering, as this can cause the soil and roots to rot and decay. To achieve a happy medium, irrigation systems are a fantastic idea. These can be customised according to the size and condition of each garden, so that you will have to invest less time in keeping the garden looking good and you can spend more time in enjoying it.

2. Garden Maintenance

Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of plants in it, you may want to carry out maintenance every week or every fortnight. A typical summer maintenance routine would include pruning, weeding, mulching (essential to help keep the soil moist in the summer heat), fertilising, and adding pest-control solutions where required. The summer is also a good time to plant some annuals, which can help infuse new life into to a tired-looking garden.

3. Paving and Shaping

Adding paths is a great way of changing the look of your garden and keeping it tidy. Just laying a few blocks between the driveway and your front door can make a huge difference, but the options do not end there. Other ideas include adding decorative stones, gravel, or adding definition to your garden with some edging plants.

4. Mowing and Turfing

It is surprising just how quickly the lawn grows during the summer. As a result, many garden owners make the mistake of over-mowing, or cutting the grass too short. Contrary to popular belief, this has a negative effect on the grass, as it facilitates weed infestation. If your lawn is just too damaged to be fixed, consider turfing. Most of the time, laying a few turf pieces on lightly moist soil will be sufficient.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flowers. Go beyond the typical dahlias or begonias and plant some lilies, summer narcisus, and ismenes, which will instantly light up any garden and make it stand out.

Here at Royce Turf and Irrigation we have everything you need to keep your garden pristine this summer. For more information on our first class gardening solutions get in touch today on 01932 566 181 to speak to an expert member of our team.

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