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‘Santa Stop Here’: Light Up Your Garden This Festive Season

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The garden can be a magical time at Christmas. As the icy dew softly shimmers across the lawn, you can’t help but be mesmerised by the winter’s delicate eloquence as its frosts the natural world. But as the darkness draws in, you can miss out on some of the most beautiful and scenic views of your garden.

At Royce Turf & Irrigation, we understand the sense of pride that people have in their gardens and the moods and feelings that they can stir. Gardening is an art in itself so why keep your hard work in the shadows?

Let There Be Light!

As well as being leading suppliers of turf and irrigation systems, we also offer an array of exclusive garden lighting in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey and surrounding regions. Garden lighting is the perfect way to bring atmosphere and elegance to your garden, whether you’re looking to bring depth to your flower bedding or illuminate the shape and originality of your shrubs.

Don’t Just Decorate Your Tree

Why stop there? Get into the Christmas spirit by decorating your garden with our novelty Christmas lighting. From ‘Santa Stop Here’ signs to glittering snowmen and twinkly fairy lights, you will be able to find the lighting that shows your festive side as well as complimenting your garden.

With your garden alight with winter wonderment, it can attract some unwanted attention from the creepy-crawly world, so keep those slugs away with the help of our Slug Bells. Their protective bell shape covering will keep your pellets dry and eradicate the chances of them getting washed away. Effective within a radius of 3 to 4 feet, our slug bells will ensure that your plants are protected this winter.

Our friendly, helpful staff are more than happy to advise you in all areas of our service so call 01932 566181 today or check out our website and shed a little light on your garden this Christmas.

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