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Rain Water Harvesting a Solution

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One of the problems with rainwater harvesting is that you need as large a tank as possible, Above ground this can look unsightly and sometimes there is no space to put one.Underground you have to dig a deep hole and then concrete the tank to stop it from rising out if the ground.

There is a solution that we can offer you if you are looking at Rainwater harvesting, a tank that you only have to dig down a metre and requires no concrete to keep in place available in various sizes from 1500 to 7500 litres. Rainwater can be diverted off you roof straight into the tank, the tank would require an overflow and can be connected to an existing soak away, drain etc.

No concrete required underground rain water harvestor

A good quality submersible pump would be fitted and this could run the irrigation system or a hosepipe.

We can quote for supply only or if you are in Surrey and surrounding counties we can quote for an install as well.

The tanks can also be fitted for water use in the house but we are not able to provide a fitting service for that.

Everybodies requirements are different so we are pleased to give advice on the phone or by coming and seeing us either at our Cobham or Chertsey Shop our directions can be found on for Cobham or for Chertsey install rainwater harvestor


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