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Royce Turf & Irrigationoffers equipment and comprehensive solutions for garden irrigation. Different types of gardens need to be dealt-with, in different ways. The area span of a garden, the type of plants that it has, the turf, and other such traits come into play when deciding on the best irrigation solutions. From traditional irrigation systems to automatic ones, we provide each and every type at some of the most reasonable prices around.

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Choose Between the Best Systems for Automatic Irrigation

Irrigation is the most important aspect to be taken care of, whether you have an extensive lawn or a small garden. The traditional irrigation methodologies always required human intervention at every point. But these days, automatic irrigation has made things a lot more convenient for gardening enthusiasts. Modern day automatic irrigation systems have evolved to a great extent and now come fitted with rain sensors. So, while a duration can be set for these to irrigate the gardens, they can also sense when itís raining or has recently rained, and hence avoid unnecessary spoilage of water.

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Our Experts will Help You Select Perfect Solutions

At Royce Irrigation, we have several experts who can suggest you the best solutions specific to your garden or lawn. We also consider your requirements and the amount of time that you can afford to invest in the maintenance of your garden in the long run. A one year guarantee on our products makes sure that you do not end up spending on parts and labour anytime soon after the installation.

Go ahead and contact us for a prompt response. We, at Royce Irrigation, are here to help you however we can.

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Visit one of our stores in either Chertsey or Cobham and we will offer expert advice on the best irrigation system for your needs, coming to see us gives you a chance to have a closer look at the products and we can give demonstrations to teach you how to use the control system!

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